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Subscription Plans Free Trial Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Special Promo Price! $-0- **$ 99** $199 $299
Subscription Term 48 Hours One Year One Year One Year
Number of simultaneous projects 2 2 5 10
Users included in plan 1 1 1 1
Project sharing
(a shared project counts as a project)
No Yes Yes Yes
Scheduling Yes Yes Yes Yes
Budgeting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cash Flow Yes Yes Yes Yes
Contacts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reports Yes Yes Yes Yes
Printing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Secure 256-bit SSL data encryption Yes Yes Yes Yes
Default template Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create new projects from existing projects Yes Yes Yes Yes
XML backup No Yes Yes Yes
Set-Up Fee No No No No
Software updates FREE FREE FREE FREE
Software servicing FREE FREE FREE FREE
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For Corporate and Non-Profit/Educational subscription plans, please contact
Plan & Payment FAQs

How do I sign up for Show Starter™ Plus?
Clicking on either the Google or PayPal button above for the desired plan will take to our third-party credit card processing sites. You do not need a PayPal account to charge through PayPal or a gmail account to charge through Google; you will be prompted to create a user ID (your email address) and password if you do not already have one. You must use the same email address for your user ID as you use for your credit card order. Once you have completed your transaction, simply click on the option to return to DMA Ink/Show Starter&trade, and you will be all set to log in. Remember, don't use your back button! There is a link to return to this site when you are done.

How is Show Starter™ Plus licensed?
We are a subscription-based Web application. Users subscribe based on the number of simultaneous projects they need, with discounts for bulk plan tiers.

Do I own the software once I have purchased a subscription plan?
No, the software is owned by our company; as a user, you are obtaining a license to use the software according to the terms of your subscription plan or trial. Once your subscription plan expires, you have the option to renew. You may upgrade to a higher tier at any time. When you upgrade, your subscription will be charged for a new, full-year term starting the date of the upgrade. Your account will be refunded any prorated remaining balance of your current subscription.

Can I test-drive Show Starter™ Plus before I pay for it?
Please do! To demo our speedy, simple, smart functionality, simply create an account and choose the "Free Trial" option.

How does the free trial work?
To begin your free trial, simply create an account and choose the "Free Trial" option. Only one free trial is allowed per user. Additional free trial registrations may be blocked or may result in permanent banning of a user from the site.
  • Duration. You have 48 hours from the time you click "Free Trial" to use the software.
  • Restrictions. Our free trial is fully functional except two features - sharing projects and backing up are disabled. In addition, printed documents bear our watermark.
  • Upgrading. If you choose to purchase a subscription plan immediately at the end of your initial free trial, the projects you create will transfer to your new subscription account. Due to storage limitations, your projects may no longer be available if you choose to subscribe days or weeks after your trial expires.
Can I share my log in information with other users or other team members on my project?
NO. Sharing your user ID and password with another user for any reason is prohibited by our terms of service and will result in instant cancellation of your account. We do not offer customer care for disputed cancellations, and we do not offer refunds for cancelled accounts. Please always log out when you are done using the application, and protect your user ID and password!

Do you offer group or institutional plans?
We offer both bulk (10+ users) corporate and non-profit/educational institution plans with administrative controls. Please contact for rates. Bulk plans feature:
  • Master Account. All institutions receive a free master account at the same tier level as the bulk accounts. All account updates, system notifications and other communications are sent directly to the institutional representative via the master account, rather than the individual users on the plan, protecting institutional privacy.
  • Bulk Account Control. Your institutional representative receives all log in credentials for all accounts and may request password changes at any time to transfer an account.
  • Transitioning Discounts. Your institutional users may transition to their own personal subscription at the same bulk discount rate your institution is receiving (they must activate a paid subscription at the same payment plan tier within the first thirty (30) days following termination of their institutional account). A great deal for student users!
All institutional account users must review, agree and adhere to the site Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (to review, please visit the respective links below).

What counts as a project?
These instances all count as projects towards your pricing plan: 1) a project you create; 2) a project you duplicate; or 3) a project you share or receive as a “shared” project from another user.

What if I need to add more projects than my plan allows?
You may upgrade to a higher tier at any time. When you upgrade, your subscription will be charged for a new, full-year term starting the date of the upgrade. Your account will be refunded any prorated remaining balance of your current subscription. If you need more than 10 projects or have more than 5 users, please contact for corporate account information and pricing.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan after I sign up?
You may upgrade to a higher tier at any time, as explained above. You may not downgrade your subscription plan after payment until the end of the subscription term. Please review our plan options carefully before purchasing a plan.

What types of payment do you accept?
We currently accept credit card payments via PayPal and Google Checkout. You also may subscribe by mail. If you send a check, your account will be active 5-7 business days after receipt of payment. To subscribe by money order, only American Express money orders can be accepted at this time. To request an invoice for payment by mail, please contact

If I decide to cancel, do you offer refunds?
You may cancel your subscription at any time, but because of the extraordinary speed in completing projects with this new application (hours vs. days), we only offer refunds for cancelled subscriptions within the first 7 days following purchase. Please try our Free Trial and review our plan options before purchasing a subscription that suits your needs.

Need help?
Please send your questions to We are happy to hear from you! We do not offer telephone-based support at this time.
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