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June 13, 2011

Welcome to Show Starter™ Plus

Welcome to the Show Starter™ Network, and our new Show Starter™ Scheduling & Budgeting Plus application. It is incredible to at last be able to share such a revolutionary new production solution with you after so many months of work and testing and more work.

Show Starter™ Scheduling & Budgeting Plus was inspired, or really required, by my ten-plus years as a writer, producer, then show runner in the entertainment industry. Standard practice dictated we use separate software programs (or scraps of paper!) to create and edit our production calendars, budgets, cash flow sheets and contact lists. But standard practice also dictated that not one of those front-end deliverables was ever finalized in the first draft! After one show I did generated at least eighteen schedules and budgets for the pilot episode alone - all of which had plenty of edits from multiple parties to be integrated and updated separately into each document, I knew that standard practice had to go.

Show Starter™ Scheduling & Budgeting Plus is the result of months of dramatically redefining the industry's approach to creating production documents. It is stunningly simple, speedy and smart. The first time you finish your schedule and have your cash flow and budget done at the same time, you will love this app. And the first (or eighteenth) time you make a radical schedule change that instantly updates your associated cash flow, budget and contacts. I'm pretty sure you'll tell your friends! Feel free to spread the word.

If you have suggestions for how we can improve Show Starter™ Scheduling & Budgeting Plus, please send an email to There is much more in store for this revolutionary new app, and we welcome your input to help us create ongoing solutions for industry newbies, professionals and veterans. And please visit this blog often for site announcements, feature updates, user tips and more.

Let me close with many special thanks to all of the committed people who helped me move this application off of my "possibility board" and onto the World Wide Web. And many thanks to you for making the switch to Show Starter™. You're going to be so glad you did.